It’s the big day and arguably the biggest day in a woman’s life. When designing a bouquet for a bride there is a plethora of colors that a florist has in their arsenal. But when a bride chooses an all white bouquet, what are some of the ways that can help to make her wedding (and subsequent thousands of photos) unique and memorable?

The answer? With a combination of textures! The possibility of having multiple textures within a single bouquet allows for complexity and dimension – not unlike a fine painting that uses texture to bring images to life.

All white bouquets compliment the wedding dress while keeping the focus on the bride. And we all know, this is key! 🙂 White flowers look clean and fresh while running the gamut of complex, layered garden feel to the simple clean and modern.

A Bouquet of Many Textured Blooms

The arrangement above brings the focus to the luscious velvety petals of Amaryllis. Combined with bulbous Tulips, Lysimachia and the clustered blooms of fragrant Stock create density. The flower petals range in size from large to small; round to angular. There are bulbous blooms as well as flat petaled blooms which give a fuller feel to the bouquet. It is a feast for the eyes!

This bouquet has the luminous petals of the white roses set against the petite white blooms of Ornithagolum arabicum. Although not white in color, the Green Trick Dianthus with its round, dense shape, is the perfect counterbalance to the other flowers and brings a fullness to the bouquet.




LoveSomeLisa Photography

These last two bouquets are examples of a more modern, contemporary take on the traditional bouquet. The clean flowing lines of the Calla Lilies bring a dramatic flare to the bouquet. And the stunningly simple lines in the cascading Phaleonopsis white Orchids bouquet create a breathtaking accent to any bride’s dress. This creates a focal point on the bride – which is the main event, right? ?

Calla Lilies and Tulips Bouquet                Paul Hud Photography

Summing up the subject of textures in all white bouquets – it is an opportunity to create stunning, multi-dimensional bouquets sure to impress and compliment the bride on the day of the wedding.



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